Project Description

go site Media Architects was first engaged by long time client (and trucking giant) Swift Transportation to design and develop the company’s very first content managed (CMS) corporate website. From design concept to final website build, that successful launch project led to other great things with the trucking leader.

enter site After the corporate website projects Media Architects were further engaged by Swift to design, develop and implement a custom web application that would track all of Swift’s thousands of freight loads across the country in real time. The new system would give Swift clients the ability to login, and track all updates as to the location of their various shipments as they traversed the United States or overseas. The system took updates from the on board Qualcomm units and updated that information to the DB2 database at Swift so all data was relevant and super up-to-date.

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K√∂p Viagra Kristianstad After consulting with the Swift IT Managers on the project and with a very tight (emergency) launch deadline–we knew we had our work cut out for us!

go site The truck tracking system is really the spinal chord for much of what Swift does for its clients so this new custom application we designed was a very integral to proper management of client loads across the country. /1988/CRUISER-YACHT-INC./3170/32-FT /2018/MONTEREY/M6/26-FT/details-5371663/contact-form?contactFormToken=dmtsZHJkaGplZnV0a3RudWplbnJkYmRqfE5UTTNNVFkyTXpvNg== The initial custom web application (Truck Tracker) was developed utilizing client server applications and databases and took several weeks to complete the first phase. The system was up and running successfully again in just a week and emergency contained. Over the next year Media Architects customized and further refined the Truck Tracking system into a finely tuned machine. The very robust truck tracking system designed by Media Architects  was developed to pull hundreds of records per minute that coming directly from the live updates sent by the truckers Qualcom units in the vehicles. The system then pulled the data directly to the DB2 database and then immediately updating the client load location information as well so the entire system was real time..all the time.

binary options trading signals video Not only has Media Architects had the honor of working with swift on numerous website designs, and custom web applications, we were also engaged to provide graphic design and 3D Animation services as well. Need a custom web or phone application? Media Architects can help. 602.569.3435