Optimize your marketing, branding and advertising this year with our wide-range of affordable creative services and expert team. Serving Arizona clients for over 15 years, Media Architects is your total solution provider for building your business in 2016 and beyond

“If you desire a highly experienced, yet affordable, creative team to handle all your marketing efforts this year look no further than Media Architects Advertising & Design”

L. Hodge, President & CEO, HealthTECH Resources

Welcome! We know your time is important so let’s get to the good stuff. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Media Architects Advertising and Design is a full service, digital advertising, marketing, production and social media management agency that is proudly celebrating our 15th year serving our local and national clients.
At Media Architects, we act as a total solutions provider for many of our client’s marketing, advertising and overall branding needs by bringing together an arsenal of specialty services, expert consultation, creative direction as well as a highly experienced creative and project management team–all under one roof. Gone are the days of having to hire a myriad of different creative vendors to handle your marketing and production needs. Media Architects can now handle it all for you quickly and efficiently– so you can focus on managing your business.

Our Media Architecture Process™, developed over 15 years of handling a diverse range of client projects, allows us to easily guide our new clients through every stage of the discovery, engagement, design and development process.

From project based work to ongoing monthly consulting and long-term engagements, Media Architects will expertly guide and your company’s marketing, branding and advertising at rates your accounting department will adore.

As a leading creative marketing agency in Arizona, Media Architects has been successfully providing clients around the country a wide range of marketing services including: digital advertising, social media management, website design, custom web & mobile applications,  content creation, search engine optimization & marketing…
media buying, media planning, PR, award-winning video production, business consulting, superior graphic design, plus a full spectrum of other critical marketing and advertising solutions that are tailored to build your company’s brands and increase your return on investment.

Media Architects offers your growing company everything it will need to optimize and fully realize your marketing goals in 2016 and beyond. From web design and video production to media buying and social media management, Media Architects is literally your one-stop-shop for everything your company will need to successfully market your goods or services and build lasting, vibrant brands.

If you are moving fast on a project, please call us today at: 602.569.3435. An experienced creative consultant will be glad to talk to you about your needs, time frames , and get your quote sent out typically the next day.

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We are proud of the many client success stories we have had over the last 15 years and sincerely hope your story will soon be one of them. So why do clients like Honeywell, The Dial Corp (Henkel), St. Jude Research Hospital, Swift Transportation, Swift Charities, …
The Arizona National Guard and Grand Canyon University all put their trust in Media Architects? It’s actually very simple. Media Architects has the industry experience, the market expertise and a highly trained, award-winning creative team that consistently develops, delivers and manages every aspect of any project we handle for our clients–on time and on budget with no surprises.

A major defining factor that sets Media Architects apart from others in our space is that our smaller clients receive the same dedication, creativity and attention as our larger clients. Every client, no matter their size or stage of development, is important to us.

Irregardless of your company’s size or marketing experience, if you are ready to engage a cutting edge, digital ad agency that you can trust to get down in the trenches, and take ownership of those urgent or challenging projects–you have definitely found your team.

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At Media Architects we have always been a “show and tell” kind of agency and our work is where we like to inspire. We take special pride in all our projects and we hope you will take a few minutes to visit our portfolio section to find something that might inspire a dialogue.

We feel confident that you will find some new ideas and inspiration for your upcoming projects. Whether you are an existing client or brand new to Media Architects, we assure you that we will always foster and encourage creative dialogue and collaboration with you and your company.

Our goal is to offer the perfect combination of vision, creativity, planning and execution to our clients.

Our five year mission mission…to seek out brave new clients…new worlds…new projects and to boldly go where no agency has gone before!

Please give us a call today and let our dynamic team of talented marketing superheroes show you how fun, easy and affordable it is to supercharge your marketing efforts this year.

We look forward to working with you soon! 

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