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“If you desire a FAST, experienced, highly organized funding team that can quickly find your Auto Repair or Auto Body business unsecured lines of credit as well as great service–and follow up…Look no further than the Media Architects funding team!”
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If you are like millions of small to mid-sized Auto Repair and Auto Body Shops, having access to quick (often life saving) capital is critical. Traditional banks, however, are rarely easy to deal with and are rarely able to move quickly, have very stringent credit requirements and you are rarely approved.
Whether you are needing a quick loan or business line of credit to cover unexpected expenses, payroll, upgrading your equipment, or just to cover your rent our funding team can definitely help. The process is fast and painless. Simply click the “Request A Free 1-On-1 Consultation” button and send us a note about your funding needs or simply give us a call at 602.569.3435 to talk to a funding representative that will help you find the capital you need asap.
Our Media Architecture Funding Process™, developed over 15 years of handling a diverse range of client projects, allows us to easily guide our new clients through our streamlined funding process and can often get your business approved and funded within 24-48 hours of receiving your application documents. Fast, professional funding for your business is just minutes away 602.569.3435
A Business Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to access needed funds quickly and conveniently. Our business financing is an excellent tool that is designed to meet the specific needs of your business. One of its best features of a business line is that you only pay for what you use.
Business owners have been taking advantage of our credit lines for discounts on numerous business contingencies: bulk purchases, short-term cash flow, to provide fast access to working capital, slow account receivables, exciting prospects with only a brief window of opportunity and to pay their taxes on time. Use our lines of credit to improve your business cash flow, borrow according to seasonal needs and eliminate the stresses of time gaps between capital needs and revenue realization.
We offer financing to businesses of all sizes all around the nation, no matter their credit history. Some programs even allow for IRS liens, dismissed bankruptcies, or other judgements. Certainly if your business has a great credit history we can help you as well! Media Architects Funding Services is easy and we can usually get your approval in 24-72 hours. Take your business to new levels in 2017!
Unlike traditional banks, our funding partners offer both secured unsecured small business loans and can typically work with all types of businesses, no matter their credit history. Media Architects prides itself on moving fast for our clients and can typically let you know if you are approved in 24-72 hours.
Media Architects funding partners have an outstanding 90% approval rate for our clients, many of whom had been previously turned down by their bank.
At Media Architects we take a very human approach. We listen to your business requirements and offer sound advice as well as a selection of lending options. We work hard to ensure that our clients’ small business financing needs are addressed quickly and completely. You may expect to receive a selection of small business funding options and customized finance programs irregardless of your credit history. Media Architects can extend credit up to $1 million to qualified clients, with absolutely no restrictions on how the funds are used. It is no wonder then that many business owners have looked to us for a fast, trustworthy and effective answer to their financial issues. Get funded soon by calling us today 602.569.3435.
Media Architects also offers our clients with good credit access to hard to find credit card programs that allow us to secure higher limit, “Platinum level” credit cards with introductory zero percent interest rates (first 12 months), mileage benefits as well as balances transfers from higher interest cards.
Our Media Architects Platinum Card program can be used in conjunction with any of our other funding tools such as lines of credit or small business loans. This gives you complete empowerment to have several funding / bill paying / investment tools at your fingertips that allow you to survive (or thrive) depending on your current circumstance.
Typically, if your business has a good to great FICO score (650-800+ and no collection issues) we can usually get your platinum cards processed and in your hands in as little as 7-10 business days. Imagine having a small business loan, or a line of credit and also having platinum level credit cards (business & personal) at your disposal. You can feel confident you have some added financial fire power when an unexpected bill arrives that needs handling. Please call us today for a no obligation consultation at 602.569.3435


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“Media Architects help fund us for over $25,000.00 for operations, payroll and marketing and the  process took less than a week. We were blown away how fast this all came together with Media Architects Funding Services-We highly recommend them” L. Hodge, President & CEO, AutoTECH Repairs