Project Description

misoprostol buy online Alcor Life Extension Foundation is the world’s leader in Cryonic suspension services. With a history spanning over 40 years in service, this long running client goes way back with us. With an amazing facility, staff and a flair for all things “cool” Alcor needed to update their website presence and we knew just how to do it.

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watch The challenge with the existing Alcor website is that it projected an image that was technical rather than the approachable kind of company they really are. Our goal was to take the existing framework and literally thousands of pages of content and redesign an entirely new look for the website that introduced a more humanistic feel and tone. By adding a masthead slider that highlighted real people who were clients of Alcor, giving their testimonials, thoughts etc. it very much warmed up the website and made the website and the nonprofit much more human-friendly and approachable.

tf2 matchmaking takes forever Several new features were added to the new website including an IM chat function so that Alcor could communicate with the thousands of visitors to the site each month without them having to call in to do so. Alcor was very pleased with the website and have found great success since the new site went up.


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